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This wiki exists for my CPTE 230 class on Windows Administration.

For years we have depended on a great industry book called Windows Server 20XX Unleashed. However, it appears that the author/publisher is no longer updating this book. For server 2019, we used Windows Server 2019 Inside Out. But since then it has been difficult to keep up and books are scarce. As a consequence, we will cover the main contributions that Windows Server can make to your enterprise in an Introduction to Windows Administration. You can find these in my github repo - no, I don't have public access. So you have to get that from me in class. I will also be moving my Labs into the book as they work together, but the following are here for now.

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Quite frequently we have trouble with Windows server and have to resort to scouring the Internet for fixes. When I find fixes, I place them here: /TroubleshootingWindowsServer

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