Lab 2

We are going to install AD in a single Domain for right now. For this lab we will perform the following:

  1. Change the hostname of your server to match the naming convention. Namely: "cpte230a" (if you haven't done this, do this first!!!)
  2. Install a new Forest with a single domain cpte230.internal

    1. > Install-WindowsFeature -name AD-Domain-Services -IncludeManagementTools

    2. > Install-ADDSForest -DomainName "scot.local" -CreateDnsDelegation:$false -DomainMode WinThreshold -DomainNetbiosName "scot" -ForestMode WinThreshold -InstallDns:$true

  3. Some Clean up...
    1. Make sure you are in the Eastern Time Zone
    2. Change your DNS from|3 to your IP address (
    3. Check to make sure your installation went as expected. Use some of the tools I've shown you in class (AD Users and Comps., ADSIEdit ...)

Back on the Windows 10 machine:

  1. Before you add your computer to the domain, you must update the dns to point to the new dns server on your windows server.
    1. On your firewall change the DHCP service for your LAN to use as the DNS server. See: dhcp_dns_update.png

  2. Add the Windows 10 computer to the top Active directory domain. (You have to use [username]\administrator, [password])
    1. Right click start, system, advanced settings
    2. Under Computer Name, click "Change..." and add it to your active directory.
    3. In the Windows 10 computer as administrator add the "Domain Users" to the list of users allowed to use remote desktop
      1. Right click start
      2. Select System, Advanced System Settings
      3. Select Remote, Select Users and Add "Domain Users" to the list.
  3. Add a Domain user with your southern username
    1. Bringer up server manager, goto tools, and select Active Directory Users and Computers
    2. Under your domain in the Users folder, create a user with a username matching your southern username.


Document the process that you used in installing your active directory in a new page "Domain". Make sure to include the commands you entered in PowerShell!

  1. Computer Name: [...]
  2. Domain Name: [...]
  3. Commands used in order from the Power Shell prompt.
  4. Any other changes you made at this point.

Create a video that talks through the documentation you created and shows the server has active directory installed and operational. The easiest way to do this is pull up the Active Directory Users and Computers tool and show the domain.

Grade Guide



Video walks through the documentation page "Domain" linked from the Documentation Wiki home page with all four parts shown


Video shows that the server indeed does have AD installed
PS> Get-Service adws,kdc,netlogon,dns
PS> Get-ADDomainController
PS> Get-ADDomain
PS> Get-ADForest scot.local
PS> Get-SmbShare
Hostname changed as required
Domain name changed as required
Timezone set to Eastern


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