Lab Video Requirements

  1. Your video must follow the order of the requirements given in each lab do not skip around and try to get everything for each operating system before moving to the next. Instead bring up multiple windows and go from one to another in order that the requirements are listed. Points will be deducted for not following the order in the movie. (See #5 for further advice)
  2. Your voice on the video is required i.e. points will be take off for those who do not talk through their video.

  3. IF you use your phone (which should be a last resort), it must:
    1. be mounted on a device that does not move throughout the video (I have felt the need for Dramamine when watching videos in the past).
    2. Have a high enough resolution that I can read the information on the screen
  4. Upload 1 video not 2, 3 ... or 10.
  5. Your video must not be longer than 5 minutes. Five minutes is enough time to do any video in this series of labs. I highly recommend that you record each requirement separately and combine them as indicated below in Windows, Linux or Mac.
    1. Windows comes with "Movie Maker" that is capable of splitting and removing dead space in your videos. If you create each requirement as a separate video, you can easily join them together in Movie Maker.
    2. Mac comes with iMovie and it also is capable of doing simple splitting and removing of dead time in your videos. Again, if you create a separate video for each requirement, you can easily join them in iMovie.
    3. Linux has several to choose from. OpenShot comes highly recommended from several sites. Also, if you are really into video editing, you might consider Blender.

  6. Information shown on the screen must be readable.

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