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 * [[https://www.southern.edu/safety/index.html|Southern Safety Efforts]] and [[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_fb3JUgH8naoHre9lRFDFbwKoY3XD-1Oo-yywK_IhRo/edit|A google doc with history]]
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 * /BookStoreInformation

Southern Adventist University Resources for Faculty and Students

Southern Shipping Info

There has been a change of Shipping Address (9/2018). It now says 5006 University Drive.

  • Be sure to include “Unit 370” or it might sit at the post office and be returned to sender. You can write it several ways:
  • All on one line, “5006 University Drive, Unit 370”
  • Two lines, “5006 University Drive / Unit 370”
  • Minimalist, “5006 University Dr #370”
  • For packages that are over 50 lbs. or really large, try 5010 University Drive first. The post office’s maximum weight and dimensions for acceptance are less than UPS’s and the packages could technically be refused. (Recent discovery!)

The old addresses (4881 Taylor Circle, 5010 University Drive) will continue to behave the same as they did before. They will not pass address validation by websites, but not all websites require it yet. The new address will pass address validation.

5006 University Drive, Unit 370
Collegedale, TN 37313

P.O. Box 370
Collegedale, TN 37315

5010 University Dr.
Collegedale, TN 37315

Event Schedules

Fall 2020

Links for New Students (Sample Scheudles)

Links for Advisors


SOC Links

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