Welcome to the new semester! Marketing and University Relations (MUR) is happy to remind you of the many opportunities that are available for keeping in touch with what's happening on campus and for communicating with others. This list is updated and shared at the beginning of each semester. You may want to keep the list handy for reference. MUR finds many of these to be valuable tools for communicating and we hope that you will too.

Employee Email List — The SouthernNews email list is a university list for communicating with all Southern employees. Because employees are not able to opt out of this list, it is to be used strictly for communicating about official university-specific business such as accreditation news, university event information, administrative meeting minutes, changes in policies and benefits, and other items that specifically relate to all campus employees. The Campus Talk forums (mentioned below) are the areas for personal comments, general discussion and announcements, and other non-university-business related items. To send work-related information to the official all-employee list please email to southernnews@southern.edu

Website—The university website is still in transition between the old and new sites so you may find a very different look between pages as you navigate the site. The transition is almost complete so sites that reflect the old look should be rare. Employee directories, various employment forms and data, class and work information, and a wealth of other useful information for employees is available on the university website. The Event Calendar lists major events on campus.

Mobile Apps—iPhone and Android apps are available for your SmartPhone at http://www1.southern.edu/connect/mobileapps.html. Features include the ability to register for courses, check grades and class schedules, view the Dining Hall menu, and find information in the campus map or department directory.

Twitter—We post news items and announcements to Southern's @SouthernNews twitter account.

Facebook—Southern's Facebook is a great way to interact with Southern students, parents, alumni, and others and to inform about something cool happening on campus...or simply share your Southern spirit.

Other Social Media—We also have a YouTube channel and Instagram account that you may subscribe to and engage with.

InfoCenter —This is a hub for survey/research results that is managed by Institutional Research and Planning. Employees can access a plethora of data such as a variety of enrollment statistics, student demographic information, satisfaction survey results, etc. Access the InfoCenter at https://teams.southern.edu/teams/irreports/SAU%20Reports/InfoCenter%20Home.aspx

Digital Event Sign —The digital sign on University Drive near the university's entrance communicates campus events with a priority given to those events focussed on the public. Employees can review the usage guidelines and/or make a request to have an event posted on the digital sign by visiting https://www.southern.edu/marketing/

Emergency Text Message System One way you may be alerted of an emergency or school closing and what action you should take in response. If you have not signed up to be a recipient of these messages, sign up at www.southern.edu/notify. If you have changed your phone number or phone carrier since signing up, you should also go to this link and log in to update your information.

Silent Whistle — This system provides employees with a means to anonymously communicate with Southern's administration, and yet still receive replies to anonymous comments. Your feedback is valued and administration hopes you will feel comfortable communicating problems, concerns, or suggestions via the Silent Whistle website: https://southern.alertline.com/gcs/welcome You may also communicate with administration through a toll-free hot line, 1.888.420.8812, which is a dedicated line for Southern's employees that offers the same complete anonymity as the website does.

Campus Talk — A collection of forums where employees can post and view information for specific groups. Some of these forums can be posted to via an email address, but for most you'll need to go to the forum. Go to www.southern.edu/campustalk, log in, and post to the appropriate forum. You can also sign up to receive alerts when messages are posted to the forums so that you don't have to miss the "action." To sign up you would also go to www.southern.edu/campustalk. For some tips on using the Campus Talk forums, you can visit the [[https://www.southern.edu/campustalk/Pages/faq.aspx |Frequently Asked Questions]].

A complete Campus Talk forum list and descriptions are shown here. (Some forums are audience specific and so you may not be able to view or post to certain forums...when you are logged into Southern's site, you can see the forums you are able to access):

Factor — This is YOUR employee newsletter. This newsletter will arrive monthly at your southern.edu email account. Please send personal news (births, weddings, etc.), department/school news, monthly events, articles published, speaking engagements, conference attendance, or notes of appreciation for fellow employees to: news@southern.edu

Complaint Report Form SACS and federal regulations require that Southern records complaints received and works to make sure they are responded to in an appropriate and timely manner. We need your help to record complaints from external audiences about general university services or policies. If you receive a complaint, please share the complaint and your response by going to our form at southern.edu/marketing

The university has many excellent communication tools in place....in fact, so many that sometimes it takes a list like this to sort them all out! I hope this helps each of you to take advantage of all that we have.

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