Grading with your Surface Pro

How to turn off touch while leaving on Pen in Surface Pro

All us illustrators want is to be able to draw digitally without worrying about palm rejection and wether it works or not or if it wants to work etc. Well, I followed Alexei's advice and found the answer. To fully turn your Surface into a "Pen Only" Device and enjoy a drawing experience like what you have with a Cintiq all you have to is this...

Before you do this, you must first install the latest Wintab driver by Wacom (DON'T FORGET)

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Open Device Manager
  3. Open the tab called "Human Interface Devices"
  4. You'll notice a few drivers with the same name "HID_Compliant Device"
  5. Scroll down and disable the driver right before the last of the same name.

DONE! Now your Surface Pro is just like a Cintiq drawing tablet.

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