Supplementary LaTeX Rubric

There are several sections of the Research/Design Paper Rubric that may be considered by some just a bit subjective in nature since the "Dimension" that they address is very broad. This supplementary rubric will help you to address those Dimensions more carefully and to appreciate the seriousness our department attaches to these sections.

Writing Quality

This Dimension addresses:

Most writing classes do not prepare students to write technical papers in the area of CS. The supplementary rubric measures elements related to style delineated in DrAndersonsRulesForWritingPapers. This is a technical paper. Hence you must follow DrAndersonsRulesForWritingPapers especially with regard to style. You should read that page carefully and follow it assiduously!

This paper must be written in LaTeX. Thus make sure you follow the WritingTechnicalPapersInLaTeX guide. The Supplementary rubric below will cover the elements of LaTeX that you MUST incorporate.

Thesis Support

The introduction, including the thesis or problem statement and support for that statement is THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF YOUR PAPER. In the first paragraph you should clearly and concisely inform the reader of the problem and the motivation for its importance. Why its not solved comes later. See WritingTechnicalPapersInLaTeX for in depth explaination on all the parts.

NOTE: If you cannot write a paper on your chosen topic that meets the requirement of both DrAndersonsRulesForWritingPapers and WritingTechnicalPapersInLaTeX, then pick another topic!

The Supplementary Rubric

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