DNS Configuration

The domain, cs.southern.edu, is split into externally visible and internally visible.

Internal Configuration

The internal configuration is a Microsoft Dynamic DNS that works nicely with our Microsoft ADDS setup. This contains all records related to cs.southern.edu. However, all external services are 1-1 NAT mapped to internal addresses and this means that the internal servers map only to internal IPs. If there is an exception to this rule, it should be corrected not allowed to continue. A NS lookup on the internal servers gives the following:

   1 cs.southern.edu nameserver = dc1.cs.southern.edu
   2 cs.southern.edu nameserver = dc2.cs.southern.edu
   3 cs.southern.edu nameserver = dcvm.cs.southern.edu
   4 dc1.cs.southern.edu     internet address =
   5 dc2.cs.southern.edu     internet address =
   6 dcvm.cs.southern.edu    internet address =

External Configuration

The external nameserver IPs map to a single server with three IPs. The server is a virtual machine and is running as dns.cs.southern.edu on 10.10.119.[6,10,11]. Services are 1-1 NAT mapped from 216.249.119.[6,10,11] to 216.249.119.[6,10,11] respectively. The server names csdc01.cs.southern.edu and csdc02.cs.southern.edu are legacy names for the internal DNS servers when we had not difference between external and internal address ranges (i.e. they were all external addresses). A NS lookup on the external server gives the following:

   1 cs.southern.edu nameserver = csdc01.cs.southern.edu
   2 cs.southern.edu nameserver = csdc02.cs.southern.edu
   3 cs.southern.edu nameserver = dns.cs.southern.edu
   4 dns.cs.southern.edu     internet address =
   5 csdc01.cs.southern.edu  internet address =
   6 csdc02.cs.southern.edu  internet address =


Now running on containers in proxmox:

   1 apt-get install bind9 bind9-utils bind9-dnsutils bind9-doc bind9-host -y

Copy over the files and then

   1 systemctl start named
   2 systemctl enable named
   3 systemctl status named

Check config and zones with

   1 named-checkconf
   2 named-checkzone cs.southern.edu [path to zone file] 

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