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Required Textbooks

No required textbook for this class.


This course provides students the option to complete a service project coordinated through the School of Computing or in partial fulfilment of a CPTR, CPHE, CPTE, CPIS upper division course with a service oriented project that fulfills one or two Level II requirements of the Christian Service program. Goals, Purpose and Objectives: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the real-world opportunities of service in computing. Students may choose a project that fulfills the original course requirements specified in the course syllabus and additionally fulfills the requirements specified in this syllabus. Requirements, Methods of Instruction & Grade Categories Requirements and Methods of Instruction

  1. A log of hours must be kept showing that you have completed 15+ hours
  2. An add/drop slip must be signed by the co-requisite instructor. As part of this process, students may be expected to write up a formal project request that has been signed by the community partner expressing their willingness to complete a Community Partner Evaluation.
  3. A reflection section must be added to the paper or presentation and answer the following questions:
    1. Identify what you learned about your community.
    2. Identify the impact you made on the community.
    3. What future work could contribute to the solution? What worked? What needed improvement?
    4. What impact (if any) has this project had on your values, opinions, beliefs and Christian walk?
    5. Identify the most important thing you learned on this project.
    6. Do you plan to continue service in this area? Why or why not?
    7. How did this experience prepare you to serve in the future?

NOTE: Some of these areas may be required in your regular project, please make sure the answers to these questions are identified in your paper or presentation with a superscript e.g. “We were able to show our community partner a key security practice that would protect them from digital graphiti b.”

Grade Categories

When this course replaces a project in an existing course, the project must have at least a 10% weight. When this course constitutes a stand-alone project, it will be graded as pass/fail.

Academic Honesty

Cheating will not be tolerated. Collaboration constitutes cheating unless specifically stated. Verified incidents of dishonesty may receive a (2. b) punishment from the catalog.

Disability Policy

This class abides by the Disability Policy as stated on the school website at: http://www.southern.edu/disabilitysupport/facultystaff/Pages/syllabusstatements.aspx

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