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First read: [[NetworkSecurity/Lab/LabVideos|LabVideos]] First read: LabVideos

Lab 01

Installing Windows Server, the firewall and a basic network.

Please read the entire lab before starting.


First read the naming convention before you do anything!

Create 3 virtual machines:

  1. pfSense/OPNSense

  2. Windows 10 Client

  3. Windows Server 2019 Standard (install the desktop experience)

To earn points:

First read: LabVideos

Create a homepage on your Documentation Wiki and include links to the following pages:

  1. Document the configuration of your network in a new page called "Networking" using the principles of documenting that we went over in class. Draw a diagram like you see on the wiki, but make sure it has your correct IP addresses.

  2. Document the process of installing Windows Server (Screen shots are good documenting choices during the install) in a new "Install" page of your wiki on moodle.

  3. Document your passwords in a new "Passwords" page of your wiki.

  4. Create a link on your wiki to "Lab Videos" and link each of your lab videos that you turn in on this wiki page. (new for 2022)

Create a video that shows your working Windows Server installation working. Include a walk through of your wiki pages. Place a link to your video on your wiki homepage.

Grade Guide



Video shows working windows 2019 installation (ping internet from commandline)


Video Shows working windows 10 installation


Video talks through your Networking Documentation


Video talks through your Installation Documentation


Video Talks through your Passwords Documentation


Wiki contains a home page with links to the three pages listed above


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