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 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/advisement/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising.pdf#page=51|B.S. Computer Science]]
 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/advisement/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising.pdf#page=52|B.S. Computer System Administration]]
 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/advisement/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising.pdf#page=53|B.S. Computer Science Embedded Systems]]
 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising 2012-2013.pdf#page=51|B.S. Computer Science]]
 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising 2012-2013.pdf#page=52|B.S. Computer System Administration]]
 * [[https://www.southern.edu/records/Documents/Guide to Academic Advising 2012-2013.pdf|B.S. Computer Science Embedded Systems]]

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